Dressage                             Passion ~ Perserverence ~ Partnership

                 by Nicol

Recent News

September 2016 ~ Pherepapha "Cora" and Nicol are USDF and NWD 2nd level Freestyle Champions for 2016. They are ranked 14th in the nation for 2nd level with an average score of over 72%. They are pictured on the left. The awesome Novella Randall, long term student and friend of Garyn Heidemann, is the reserve champion at 2nd level and 3rd level on Leo's Red Licorice. They are pictured on the right.  

August 2016 ~ Cora and Nicol won the WEC Yvonne Billera Freestyle award for the highest scoring Freestyle on the final day of their championship series. Cora and Nicol scored a whopping over 75%! 

Gran Harvey Bailey made his show ring debut with scores over 68%. He won every one of his classes. Affectionately called "HB"or "Harvey" or even the "Harvenator". He is owned and loved by Mechelle & Greg Sieg of Lyden Washington and will be one to watch out for in 2017. Photo credit ~ the fabulous Siggi Wolff.

June and July of 2016 ~ The beautiful Caliente and Kelly Dress went down the centerline at Donida and WEC with scores of up to 65.7%. Way to go. Watch out for this pair in 2017 with goals of qualifying for Championships. 

Congratulations to Mechelle Seig with Lord of the Dance for qualifying for Regions 6 Championships! Sometimes schedules get in the way but watch out for her next year as she heads to that Championship ring! Bummer our camera wasn't out for one of her over 68% rides. We will just have to see Tango pictured with my son. This is what happens when one leaves their phone unattended and a older teen is around.. Hey at least I got a pic of him!

Relevant past NEWS:

May 2013 -Pherapapha Nicol's 5 year old half Friesian and half Missouri Foxtrotter made her TL recognized show debut. She scored 65, 67, 70 and 73%! Thank you Carolynn Bunch for the great photo.

Arosenthyme MA made her first level debut and scored 66, 68, 70 and 71%. As always, AWESOME job Spice!

December 2012- Spice and Nicol won the USDF all breeds award with a total average score of 72.7%

September 2012 - Arosentyhme MA took 2 National Championship Titles at the Arabian Sporthorse Nationals! We were National Champions in the Training level Jr. Horse class and Half Arabian Sporthorse Mares in hand! We reserved the Training level open class and top tenned in the Jr. Sporthorse Under Saddle Class. Shawna, Spice's owner, also went back into the show ring and handled Spice in the 1/2 Arabian Mare Amatuer to handle class. She top tenned as well! Way to go Shawna!

Here is our Reserve Victory lap, photo by www.bobtarr.com.

July 2012 - Arosenthyme MA took THREE Championship titles at the Region 5 AHA Championships! TL Jr. Champion, Half Arabian Sporthorse Mare Champion and Junior Sporthorse under Saddle Champion. She also took a top 5 Mare in Hand Amateur to handle. 

Feb. 2012 - Arosenthyme MA won three of her five under saddle classes at the 57th Annual Scottsdale Arabian show! Her LOWEST score was 70%! She also scored at 73.4, 74.1 and a 75.5%. Spice also won her sporthorse under saddle junior horse class. 

March of 2012 - A big thanks to Kim Keenan of the Dressage Affair! I was pleased to be able to attend the Dressage Affair as a volunteer at Kim's request. I had fun from A to C doing everything from hospitality to e-scribing. It was lovely to see Ravel in the warm up ring and nice to run into friends I haven't seen for years. Thank you Kim!

Arosenthyme MA (Rosenthal x Alu Minchah), a 4 year old 1/2 arabian and 1/2 hann mare went to her first show at WEC and won the first class she stepped foot in with a 65.4% and then posted a 70.8% later in the same day! 

We also went to Gold Creek and scored a 69 and 71+% winning both of our classes.

Spice First Show 70.8%.mpg

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