Dressage                             Passion ~ Perserverence ~ Partnership

                 by Nicol

Lessons & Coaching Basics

Jacquee and Archer

Private 45 minutes - 40

Semi Private - 25/rider

Limit 2 riders

Day fee schooling shows w/in 50 miles - 100/day split between students .

School horses are sometimes available. Please inquire for prices and availability.

Haul in fee $10.00 in Lynden or $75/mo. for arena use.

Training Basics

Full Training: 5 days/week

20 rides - 420/mo. can take up to two lessons in lieu of a training ride.

Semi-Full: 4 days/week

16 rides - 350/mo. - can take up to one lesson in lieu of a training ride.

Partial: 3 days/week

12 rides - 270/mo.

Semi-Partial: 2 days/week

8 rides - 200/mo.

Catch Rides: -40 ride, restrictions apply and they must be booked in advance.

Mechelle and Harvey

Competition Fees 101~

In an effort to make showing as affordable as possible some fees are included in full and semi-full training with some expenses shared by clients. Please contact Nicol directly for a explanation of policies and fees. Coaching fees are not included in the full and semi-full training show fees, they are additional.

Schooling show fees are calculated separately and divided among participants. They are based on travel time, number of students, my attendance, etc.

Judging Fees~

$250 minimum per day, plus mileage, lodging and meals if necessary. Ride and reviews are also available. Please call or email for details.