Dressage                             Passion ~ Perserverence ~ Partnership

                 by Nicol

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened." ~Anatole France

Welcome to Dressage by Nicol,

FEI Rider and Trainer

L Grad with Distinction,  Silver & Bronze Medalist

Our dressage lessons and training programs are tailored to the individual horse and rider using basic horsemanship skills and training principals as taught by the United States Dressage Federation. Nicol takes into consideration your learning style (auditory, kinesthetic or visual) and teaches theory, bio-mechanics and herd behavior to maximize you and your horse's performance. Consistent attention to relaxation and confidence for the horse and riders are also in the forefront of the lessons because the above would be lost if there was not trust in the partnership. Nicol's goal is for you to enjoy your horse while maintaining your horses happy mental state and soundness in pursuit of your goals. ~Photo of Rogala Debonair by Scarlett.

Nicol has graduated from the USDF "L" judge program with distinction and is a bronze and silver medalist where scores were earned on "alternative breed" horses she trained. She is a silver diploma holder with the USDF University. Nicol has clinics, and continues to do so, with numerous international level riders. She rides in virtual lessons via skype with her coach and mentor Kim Stordahl, USET long listed, former student of Bert Rutten and Dr. Klimke (I'm in good hands!!)  Additionally Nicol was a working student for several FEI trainers, including Debbie Fornia-Dewitt, who was long listed and Nicol was an assistant trainer for Alyssa Pitts of AP Dressage. She has attended USDF Symposiums, routinely audits clinics, participates as a demo-rider, shows at recognized USDF and AHA shows and has judged at local schooling shows. ~ Cora in half pass photographed by the Lovely Siggi Wolff of Cavallis. 

She was also invited to, and participated in the Markel / USEF pipeline clinic taught

by Scott Hassler. This was an honor as the horse that was invited was a Friesian / Missouri Fox trotter cross. Yes, you read that correctly and it was thru a video and application process. 

Cora and Nicol Pictured with Scott Hassler, then coach of the USEF Young horse program.

Photo Courtesy of Grand Prix Videography ~ Paul Henderson

Our program is open to adults and junior riders that are interested in competition or just being a better rider with more knowledge about your horse or horses in general. All breeds are welcomed and encouraged.

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